Ontario Bee Supplies

" Bee Supplies for the Hobbyist Beekeeper.


Made in U.S.A. - coated with Canadian beeswax.

 plastic frames
All one piece plastic frames
beeswax coated
Standard Frame $ 3.00 CAD
available black or white.
Medium Frame    $ 2.75 CAD
available black or white.

 drone frames
Standard drone frame    $ 3.50 CAD
Medium drone frame       $ 3.00 CAD

 wooden frames
Wooden frame - Unassembled.
Grooved top bar and bottom bar .
Standard wooden frame    $ 1.60 CAD
Medium wooden frame       $ 1.50 CAD

 plastic foundation
Ritecell - beeswax coated plastic foundation.
Standard Foundation    $ 1.60 CAD
available black or yellow.
Medium Foundation    $ 1.50 CAD
available black or yellow.

We don't sell beeswax foundation because all the large suppliers have their
beeswax foundation made in China and it is contaminated with chemicals.

We prefer to use wax coated plastic frames instead of wooden frames , because ,
we feel that the pores in the wooden frames hold disease and bacteria.

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Prices effective January 1 , 2018
Subject to change without Notice.

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