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May 11 , 2019

Not the best day to be in the beeyard today , but it is important to keep
an eye on the bees this time of year. Every overwintered colony wants to
swarm in the Spring ( reproductive swarm ). Very important to monitor the
bee colonies, looking for queen cells. Once we see a queen cell that is
capped, we perform our split and move over the capped queen cell into the
split. We wait until the queen cell is capped for two reasons. Firstly, it
gives a reference of the time frame - queen cell capped on day 7 or 8.
Secondly , it is safer to move the queen cell once it is capped.

We let the bees tell us when they are ready , the colony won't make a
queen cell until the conditions are favourable for success. ie: the weather
has been right so that there is lots of natural forage available and the
population in the hive is big enough to be able to survive after the split.

May 5 , 2019

Beautiful day in the beeyard today. Filled feeders and checked the hive for
eggs , larvae and brood. Colonies are building up nicely with lots of bright
yellow and pale yellow pollen coming in. Beehives are resource dependent -
the more food is coming into the hive - the more the queen lays her eggs.
We simulate a nectar flow to stimulate the queen. Feeding with 1:1 sugar.
Still cool at night so screened bottoms could still be closed up.

APRIL 7 , 2019

Today was a nice warm sunny day to be in the beeyard. Today we performed
our Spring hive inspection. We cleaned out all the old , dead bees - scraped
old burr comb off the top of frames and inside inner cover. We reversed the
boxes and put on the entrance feeders. The bees are bringing in white pollen.
There is a lot of fresh eggs , larvae and brood in the hive.

MARCH 7, 2019

It has been a hard cold Winter, and with warmer weather on the horizon
we have an opportunity to go out to the beeyard. Make sure that both
entrances are clear and the hive has good air flow. We use hive top
feeders in our hives so we will check the syrup levels. The queens have
been laying since the beginning of February so we should see an increase
in the population which puts more demands on food reserves. This is a
critical time of year , as the hive builds up there is a long stretch
before the first Spring nectar. If the hive is running out of Winter
stores , feeding becomes essential.

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