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May 6 , 2017

Queens arrived this week , so we did our splits on Thursday.
Today we will introduce the new queens into the splits. We
like to leave the splits queenless for 48 hours so that the
pheromones from the original queen have dissipated and the
bees will accept the new queen.

APRIL 27 , 2017

Ontario Bee Supplies

Warm sunny day in the beeyard today , first opportunity to open
the beehives today. We removed hive top feeders , scraped burr comb,
reversed brood boxes , and installed entrance feeders. Typically,
through the Winter , the bees work their way up through the hive as
they consume their Winter stores. Once Spring arrives and the queen
begins her egg production , the colony is in the upper box near the
hive top feeder. Queens generally like to move up while they lay
their brood nest , so we reverse the boxes so she has lots of room.
Today , with the warm weather , we begin feeding the organic feed
supplement with THYMOL in the syrup with entrance feeders. The
lower entrance remains reduced and protected from critters. There
are a lot of drones in the hives and lots of pollen being gathered.

APRIL 21 , 2017

Cool and damp the past few days , today we refilled the hive top
feeders with 1:1 syrup. Hive wraps are still on.

APRIL 13 , 2017

Beautiful warm Spring day in the beeyard today - the bees are very
active. We are noticing light yellow pollen being gathered today. We
are cleaning out the old mouldy syrup from the hive top feeders and
replacing with fresh 1:1 syrup. The 1:1 syrup simulates a nectar flow
and stimulates the queen to increase egg production. Hives with active
queens should see an increase in bee population , while overwintered
queenless colonies should see a decline in bee population as the
Winter bees die off and the hives become empty.

APRIL 5 , 2017

Another warm day today , the bees are a buzzin' . We filled the hive
top feeders. The hives are active and the colonies are building in
numbers as the queens are laying eggs. We should be into our third
brood cycle by now.

MARCH 27 , 2017

Today is mild and what looks like the beginning of a nice warm spell.
We checked and filled our hive top feeders with 1:1 syrup today. The
nights are still cold so we will leave our winter wraps on the hives.

MARCH 19 , 2017

Warm sunny day in the beeyard today , we cleaned out some
old mouldy syrup and filled up the hive top feeders with fresh
syrup - 1:1 mix . This warm weather has the bees flying and
they are now just starting to bring in light beige almost white
pollen - maybe pussy willows are open somewhere in the
neighbourhood. Still cold at night so we will leave the winter
wraps on for another couple of weeks .

MARCH 7 , 2017

Today we filled up our hive top feeders , this mild weather has
the bees buzzin' and they are hungry. This is a critical time of
year , the colony is growing and there won't be flowers for months.

FEBRUARY 18 , 2017

Today we went out to the beeyard to check the hive top feeders and
switch over to syrup. In past years we have noticed the bees start
taking feed at the beginning of February , which is an indication that
the queens are starting to lay eggs and the colony is starting to build
up. Most hives were taking the dry sugar we had in the feeders and some
were almost empty.

JANUARY 14 , 2017

Today we checked our hive top feeders for sugar levels and
peeked down the feeder hole for activity. The warm weather
we have experience recently has us concerned about increased
bee activity causing the bees to eat more food. The other
concern with these fluctuations in temperature is moisture build
up. We keep our upper entrance open and facing down to vent any
moisture that might build up in the hive. While checking the hive
we like to take a long thin stick and clear away any dead bees
from the bottom board. If we see a lot of dead bees this might
indicate a dead out , a few dead bees will be normal as the Winter
bees begin to slowly die off, no dead bees is a good sign that
the bees are clustered and healthy.

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