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July 12 , 2018

OOOOO WEEEEE , it is hot out there. Important to make sure the
hives have lots of ventilation. The screened bottoms should be
fully open and the main entrances should be wide open. Some
beekeepers are tempted to open the top lid for ventilation ,
but be careful not to expose the hives to robbing. In this
time of a dearth there is not much nectar out there so the
bees might start eating their stored reserves. Keep a close
eye on the food in the hives and if necessary we might need
to feed with 1:1 syrup.

July 2 , 2018

Lots of nectar and pollen coming into the hive , time to remove
the feeder and add a second brood box. The population is increasing
so we can now open up the main entrance. We use the 70% rule to
determine when to add a second brood box. Each brood box has a drone
frame in position 3 to monitor and control mites. When the drone
frame is at least 80% capped we remove it from the hive and put it
in the freezer for 48 hours to kill any mites.

June 25 , 2018

Today was a good day to check the beehives. The nucs are progressing
well, building comb on the new frames. We have a drone frame in
position 3 , to monitor and control mites in the beehive.

June 15 , 2018

Nucs arrived this week. Lots of newbees picking up their bees .
To install a nuc , place frames from nuc in the middle of the
brood box in the same order they were in the nuc box and fill
in the space on either side with empty frames. Main entrance
should be reduced down to 1-2 inches so the nuc can defend its
new home. Feeder should be on with 1:1 syrup to simulate a nectar
flow to stimulate the queen to lay lots of eggs. It is important
to check for fresh eggs 3 days after the install to make sure the
queen survived the transport and transition. Now that summer is
upon us , the screened bottoms should be fully open.

April 24 - June 14 , 2018

Not much to report since all our bees are dead.
Highest winter losses on record in Ontario this year.
30% of commercial beekeepers lost 70% of their bees
this past winter , while many , many more lost 40 - 50% .
Our bees died because of the -30C temps. in December .
We didn't wrap the hives this year , tired of wrapping
beehives. Gotta be a better way. This year I am testing
a new design in woodenware - boxes made out of 2" lumber
instead of 1" lumber.

April 23 , 2018

Nice warm weather this week , finally an opportunity to open the
hives and perform our Spring hive inspections. Should see lots
of fresh layed eggs and capped brood. Good time to reverse
brood boxes and clean up some burr comb. Continue to feed with
2:1 sugar syrup, Still cool at night , so leave bottoms closed up.

March 28 , 2018

We have warm weather now and the critters are becoming more active,
any dead outs should be removed from the beeyard and cleaned up to
keep mice from making nests in empty hives and wax moths from laying
eggs in drawn comb.

February 15 , 2018

Some nice warm weather has provided an opportunity to fill hive
top feeders with syrup and make sure the lower entrances are cleared
of any debris. The upper entrances should be open and facing down as
always. The queen should be laying by now and the colony should be
more active with the warmer weather. Important for the colony to have
food now , it's a long way until Spring.

March 3 , 2018

This time of year it is important to make sure the colony has food.
If the colony is running low on winter stores it is important to
supplement their feed. A lot of colonies overwinter well but die
off in the Spring because of starvation. Feeding with thick 2:1
syrup this time of year will help to stimulate the queen and not
introduce a lot of moisture into the hive.


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