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Just a quick note about queens: we have received several
calls this week from desperate beekeepers looking for queens.
Seems as though they haven't been checking their hives on a
weekly basis and now discover that there is no queen in the
hive and haven't had a queen for a long time. So now there
is no brood in the hive , which means there is no nurse bees.
Introducing a mated queen into a hive with no brood or nurse
bees has a very low success rate. Without nurse bees there
are no bees to take care of the eggs that the new queen will
lay. If a beekeeper finds himself with a queenless hive with
no brood , it is recommended to transfer a frame of brood with
nurse bees from another hive before introducing a mated queen.


We are now SOLD OUT for the 2017 season.

Any Newbees should have their bees by now and well
on their way. Starting any later than mid June doesn't
leave much time to build up for summer and be strong
going into Winter. With a 21 day brood cycle for workers
there are only 3 more brood cycles remaining before the
end of summer. By the end of August the queen begins to
reduce her egg production in preparation for Winter.

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Prices effective March 1 , 2017
Subject to change without Notice.

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