" Observant Beekeeping "

 Observant Beekeeping

" A simple approach to Hobby Beekeeping. "

“ The bees are the teachers , and , if we are observant ,
we are the students. “

Observant Beekeeping

$ 15.00 includes S&H anywhere in Canada.

Basic Hive Management. Honey Harvesting , IPM.
Over Wintering , Basic Bee Biology , Swarm Control.

" Everything a newbee would need to know in the first year of beekeeping. "

Easy to read , easy to understand , easy to follow.

For all your beekeeping needs.

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It takes 2.6 million floral visits to produce 1 lb. of honey.
100 million flowers will only produce about 50 lbs. of honey ,
not enough food for one honeybee colony to survive for one season.
To help the honeybees we need to plant a lot more flowers.