Ontario Bee Supplies

" Bee Supplies for the Hobbyist Beekeeper.


  Bee Brush
Bee Brush    $ 8.00 ea.

  Italian Hive Tool
12" Italian Hive Tool    $ 6.00 ea.

  Hive Tool
9" Standard Hive Tool    $ 8.00 ea.

 J-Hook Hive Tool
10" J-Hook Hive Tool    $ 12.00 ea.

 Light Duty Scratcher
Uncapping Scratcher    $ 6.00 ea.
Light Duty - Plastic Handle

 Stainless Steel Scratcher
Uncapping Scratcher    $ 20.00 ea.
Stainless Steel - Heavy Duty - Scraping edge.

 Uncapping Knife
Uncapping Knife    $ 17.50 ea.
Stainless Steel - Heavy Duty - Serrated edge.

 Frame Grip
Frame Grip    $ 7.50 ea.

Discontunued Item

We were born with the best frame grips available ,
our hands provide that touch and feel that we lose
when we use a mechanical device to handle frames.

Frame Holder
Frame Holder    $ 17.50 pr.
Holds 3 frames - Hangs on side of super.

 8 Way Beeswax Escape
8 Way Bee Escape    $ 6.00 ea.
Discontinued Item - a lot of bee supplies come from
overseas and are made to accomodate the Asian honeybee ,
which is a smaller bee. The plastic 8 way bee escape has
channels too small for the European honeybee drones who
get stuck and block the channels.

 Spring Loaded Grafting Tool
Spring Loaded Grafting Tool    $ 5.00 ea.

 Stainless Steel Grafting Tool
Stainless Steel Grafting Tool    $ 10.00 ea.

 Queen Marking Pen
Queen Marking Pen    $ 8.00 ea.
2017 - yellow

 Plastic Queen Catcher
Plastic Queen Catcher    $ 5.00 ea.

 SS Queen Catcher
SS Queen Catcher    $ 7.50 ea.

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Prices effective January 1 , 2018
Subject to change without Notice.

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